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How does your shopping cart work?

Basically it works just like most shopping carts you find on the internet. However, when you order from us, you will notice that when clicking "Add to Cart" button, you are not switched to the shopping cart display. We leave you on the page you just ordered an item from, allowing you to continue ordering items from that page. If the page you are ordering from is longer than your monitor will allow, the page will redisplay with your last item ordered at, or near the top of the page. In addition, the quantity that you have on order for that item is also displayed. You will notice on each page that you have ordered an item from, the items will be displayed so that you can see what you have on order. These ordered items will remain on these pages until you "check out" even if you look at different pages on our web site. We also have a "QUICKCART" at the top of the pages that you may order from and it also shows your order summary.

The "QUICKCART" total is only a total of the amount and quantity of each item ordered. It does not include any sales tax or shipping. Sales tax (for Nebraska and Illinois residents) is calculated and displayed during the checkout process after you enter your shipping address.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (800) 752-2767, or e-mail us at:

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How old is my gun?

We only have records of firearms that we have imported.  SKB Shotguns USA does not have access to records from previous importers.  Typically we have information available for guns with serial number prefixes of NS, NSG, NA, and AS. Shotguns imported by "Ithaca Gun Company" were manufactured from 1969 to 1978. Shotguns imported by Mitsui (Chicago, IL) were manufactured from 1981 to 1984.

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Are parts available for my gun?

SKB Shotguns USA stocks most metallic parts for the over-and-under (Models 500, 600, 680, 700, 800 505, 605, 585, 685, 785, 885 and 85TSS), side-by-sides (Model 100, 150, 200, 280, 400, 385, and 485), and for the gas-operated semi-automatics (Models XL300, XL900, 1300, 1900, and 3000).

Parts are no longer produced for any of the recoil-operated semi-automatics (Model 300 and 900), or for the SKB Century Trap models. The recoil operated semi-automatic model has a large spring which encircles the outside of the magazine tube. This spring is clear visible when you remove the forend.

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I live outside the United States.  Can I purchase a firearm or firearm parts from you?

We are authorized by SKB in Japan to sell SKB firearms and firearm parts in the United States only.  We cannot sell outside of the U.S. Please click on the 'International distributors' menu item that you will find under the 'Contact Us' menu item or click here.

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I am a gun dealer, how can I get information on your guns?

We have dealer direct programs available.  Please send us a copy of your Federal Firearms License, and we will mail you the dealer information.  If you need immediate assistance, please call us at:
800-752-2767 so that we may personally assist you.

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Are extra barrels available?

SKB Shotguns USA does not have access to any accessory or replacement barrels for over and under or side by side models.

Because of the hand-fitting, ejection and cocking mechanism timing, and serial number issues, over/under and side by side barrels cannot be easily interchanged like a pump or an auto. We do not stock extra barrels here in the United States due to the expenses involved, and for the reasons listed. However, multi-gauge/multi-barrel sets are offered in our line of new shotguns for very reasonable prices.

Barrels for the old recoil-automatics are no longer produced by the factory.

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What is my gun worth?

We only sell new guns to dealers from our location here, and we do not have any access to used gun pricing.  Please contact your local gun dealer for a value for your gun, or check one of the many great reference books available at your local book store.  These references provide historical information, and current used retail values based on the shotgun condition.

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What does SKB stand for?

SKB was derived from the Samurai family name SAKABA.  The vowels were dropped out of the name to form SKB.  The company was formed in the Ibaraki province of Japan in 1855.

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Where is the closest dealer to me?

Please call us at 800-752-2767 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time so that we can assist you in finding a convenient stocking dealer.

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Is my gun steel shot compatible?

Serial numbers starting with NS, NA, and AS have interchangeable choke tubes, and have been approved for use with steel shot.  Please refer to the SKB Choke Tube charts for constriction limitations.  We cannot recommend steel shot compatibility on any other older models.

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What is a lengthened forcing cone?

The forcing cone is the transition immediately forward of the chamber.  Typically a shotgun has a very abrupt diameter change from the chamber into the bore.  All SKB shotguns have lengthened forcing cones which provide a much more gentle transition for the shot column.  The lengthened forcing cone provides better downrange performance by diminishing pellet deformation, and is responsible for a reduction in felt recoil.

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What is Backboring (Oversized Bores)?

Backboring is a technique of slightly enlarging the interior bore of a shotgun beyond the normal dimensions.  In the 12 gauge shotgun, the nominal SAAMI standard bore diameter is .729".  All SKB 12 gauge "85" series over/under shotguns are actually oversized from the factory to a nominal bore diameter of .735".  Instead of starting with a .729" bore and removing metal from the inside to create the larger diameter, SKB actually manufactures a .735" bore to begin with.  This maintains the barrel's strength.  The oversized bores allow the wad to spread slightly reducing friction as it travels the length of the bore.  The benefits are denser and more evenly distributed patterns; and a reduction in felt recoil.

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