SKB Shotguns
Discontinued 385 Models

The 385 series is available in several configurations; the Field model, the multi-gauge Field Set, the Sporting Clay model and the multi-gauge Sporting Clay Set.

385 Field specifications

The 385 Field and Field Sets are fitted with a raised solid rib with a matte finished surface. The 385 Sporting Clays models are fitte with a raised ventilated rib. 

385 2 Barrel Field specifications

The 385 Field model is available in 12, 20 or 28 gauge with 28" or 26" barrels.

  385 Sporting Clay specifications
385 Sporting Clay Sets specifications


The 385 Field Models and Field Sets are available with
either a Pistol Grip, or a straight English stock.

The 385 Field Models are equipped with the more traditional, low solid rib. The 385 Sporting Clay Models are outfitted with a raised, ventilated, target style rib. This gives the shooter a precise sighting plane for accurate target tracking. 

The 385 receiver is silver nitrided and beautifully engraved with scroll and game scenes.  


Note: Shotguns may only be ordered by a dealer with a valid Federal Firearms License and not be ordered online.