200HR Target

  • 24 line hand checkered butt stock
  • Pachmayr SC100 Sporting pad
  • Left Hand Cast Stocks Available On Limited 200HR Models
  • All side by side shotguns are equipped with the flush fit thin wall choke tube system. Accessory, Extended style, choke tubes are available.
  • Raised Ventilated Rib With Matted Radial Cut Pattern
  • Target Sights Center Bead and White Front Bead
  • Pistol Grip Stock with Pachmayr SC100 Pad
  • Schnabel Forend

The trigger plate action features a non-selectable single trigger with a firing sequence of right then left barrel. Our crisp feeling trigger is a combination of the length of travel and applied finger pressure to release the hammer. As the trigger is pulled rearward, the sear tail lifts vertically; releasing the sear from the hammer. Simultaneously the V-shaped hammer spring propels the hammer forward providing nearly instantaneous lock time.


The slender barrel profiles and reduced barrel weight are obtained by utilizing a platform lump mount and thin wall choke tubes.  The platform lump utilizes a double under locking lug providing a solid engagement between the barrel and receiver.


Accessories Available

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200HR Target schematic
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