IS300-HS300 Semi-Automatic

  • The semi-automatic receivers are sculpted from high strength aluminum by state of the art CNC machines for exact dimension & tolerance
  • These receivers have a blue anodized finish with tasteful laser etching.
  • The main components of the IS inertia operating system consist of a steel bolt body, inertia spring, rotating bolt head, twin arm steel action bar and recoil action spring.
  • The new HS300 is a hybrid operating system which includes an inertia bolt and a self regulating gas valve. This combination utilizes an optimum amount of combustion gases and the kinetic energy of the recoiling bolt to cycle the operating system while reducing felt recoil.
  • 20 GAUGE Models will be Available in the Summer of 2017

The chrome lined ventilated rib barrel has a 3” chamber, a lengthened forcing cone and is threaded for the SKB competition choke tube system. The outer finish of the barrel is a non-reflective matte black chrome and has a brass front bead.

Each shotgun is provided with a set of six different stock shims to assist the shooter in obtaining a personalized fit to the sighting plane. The removable stock shim will adjust for either the stock’s cast or drop dimension. 

The shotgun has a maximum capacity of 4 - 3” shot shells; three in the magazine tube with one in the chamber.


Accessories Available

12 ga Choke Tubes                                    20 ga Choke Tube

SKB Gear                                                   Gun Care Products

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IS300-HS300 Semi-Automatic schematic
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