How Do I Find the Age of My Gun?

We only have records of firearms that we actually imported. 

SKB Shotguns USA imported shotguns from the Japanese factory during the period 1988 to 2009.

These shotguns will have our importer’s mark (G.U. Inc. Omaha, Ne.) on the left side of the barrel under the forend.

In most cases, the shotguns will have a serial number prefixes of either NS, NSG, NA, and AS.


We can also help with any current production guns, manufactured in Turkey that we imported. 


We do not have any records from other importers of SKB manufactured shotguns:

  • Ithaca Gun Company which imported from 1969 to 1978
  • Mitsui (Chicago, IL) which imported from 1981 to 1984
  • Weatherby which imported from 1984 to 2004

The SKB factory in Japan closed operations in late 2009. All documents pertaining to shotgun production and exportation were turned into the Japanese government.


You can contact us, with your serial number, and we will look up the date we imported the gun.


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