I Heard SKB is Out of Business. Is This True?

The factory in Japan closed in 2010.  SKB Shotgun USA purchased the rights to the name
and schematic drawings from the factory; and enough parts to last 15+ years.  SKB Shotguns USA will continue to provide parts and repair services for the Japanese produced shotguns for many years to come.


Our new line of shotguns are being manufactured by two of Turkeys best shotgun manufacturers; AKDAS and AKUS.  They are sister companies that have a history of producing high end shotguns for the US and European markets.

These companies have ISO9001 quality control certificates which are internationally recognized standards for quality management.

These companies manufactured the Kimber Marias and Valier series of 7 Pin Side Lock Over & Under and Side by Side shotguns.  They produced the Smith & Wesson Elite SxS that won the 2008 Field & Streams “Shotgun of the Year” award.


The new line up of SKB Shotguns include:

  • RS300 & IS300 – Target & Field Semi Auto
  • Century III – Trap Single Barrel
  • 590 Series - Field O/U
  • 90TSS Series - Target O/U’s
  • 200 & 250 - Field SxS
  • 200HR – Sporting Clay SxS


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