Is Replacement Wood Available?

We have over 5000 pieces of replacement wood, Butt Stocks & Forends, for the Japanese manufactured SKB’s.  We have wood for the Older and Newer model: Over & Unders, Side by Side’s, and Gas Operated Semi Automatics.


However, there are two issues that must be addressed:

1)  The replacement wood requires a gunsmith do the final installation to insure it has been properly fit to the receiver to prevent stress points that cause cracking.

Our gunsmith can fit the replacement wood.  For a Butt Stock, he will need the receiver sent in to us accomplish this fitting. For a Forend, he would need the entire gun.

2)  If you have a qualified gunsmith in your area that can install the wood, then selecting a replacement where the color will match your existing wood is our only issue.

The best way to handle this is for you send us your wood to aid in the selection of the replacement.


We cannot guarantee an exact match, but normally we can get a pretty close color match.

Please give us a call if you have any questions, 800-752-2767


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